Organic Evolution
Tech submissive to Flesh

I believe we're just a phase in-between along the way of the evolution of mankind. Like everything is in the course of time. Our ancestor homo erectus was some 800 thousand years around, our species hardly a fourth of this. And only in our last 40 thousand years the fossil records  show cultural activities.

I believe time in the evolution of our species accumulates. With blips - mostly caused by war and famine - there is up-going trend in our knowledge and activities. If one looks toward 'information exchange' the trend is accumulating rising; as well as for reach, as for 'process speed' (for an individual ánd for e-/societies as a whole).

I believe the evolution of mankind finds herself today on a crossroads. Or better: a species dividing momentum. Regarding early yesterday upto today, I see and/or agree with four possible diversions in this and (an)other yet unknown environment(s).

1) Human (mind)s are about to enter the digital reality.
2) Human-made artificial minds that surpass us.
3) Humans maintaining the present evolutionary phase.
4) Humans swarming out into our galaxy. (-> welcome to us ;)
5) There could be a deeper reality dan the 4D-world we live in.

Ad 1 - The digital universe
Imagine you could leave your body and 'jump' in a 3D internet. 2nd Life but then the real 'you'. Minds, former human, create their own surroundings. Everyone his/her own universe with portals to eachother.
Some say this will happen, and also: relatively (in evolutionary terms) soon. A fore-phase of this is mind-uploading.

Ad 2 - Merge with/and godlike machines
Regarding Moore's Law computers have the same processing speed as a human mind in the year 2029 prof Giorgio Buttazzo.
The professors Hugo de Garis and Ray Kurzweil quarrel about the outcome, but both see an artificial intelligence arising out of us in 50 to 80 years time. See 3 BBC clips, in total 5 min.
A third possible sub-offspring is a complete merger of humans with machines.(The Borg)

Ad 3 - Conservationists
For instance prof. Hugo the Garis thinks this group, he calls Terrans, will oppose in a planetocidal war against minds with a more universal view. Regardless this conflict, there have been numerous examples of specialized groups within a population that maintain their present evolutionary phase. Like the utter successful shark-family, member of the primitive cartilage fish, remained virtual unchanged the last 400 million years.

Ad 4 - Postmodern (organic) humans
The fourth main branch to come is the species (also) this future community fits best in. Concerning our tools to understand and manipulate reality (e.g. computers) we always master them and not the other way around. If we all agree upon this, it will be so; delimiting by law and conviction.

Tech submissive to Flesh anytime & everywhere.

But still our (grand)children need to go somewhere with their enery in their quest for more & better ... [fill-in at will]. Like our forefathers and -mothers brought us to today... In our view this galaxy first and later on the whole universe is big enough to explore.

Ad 5 - Singularity
If there is a (spiritual) reality that already exists underneath or above the one we live in, Group 2 - the (partly) machines - and the postmodern humans (Group 4) will open it. Such a place could also be made by our descendants themselves. In this matter Groups 1 and 2 create it.
This other dimension or dimensions don't obey the Laws of Physics we know of and live by. In such a perspective we speak of a or the Singularity.

Either way - broadminded postmodern humans will coop with this. We can adept to that because 'evolution' runs through our veins.

Post scriptum
ETLD is a consortium to come to shorten time to a Group 4-future, is the e-community of our customers.

Onto our next stage of evolution!
Richard Reekers, initiator ETLD/

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