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Richard Reekers started ReConcept in 1993 as a Dutch copywriting bureau.
"Along the years my writings were more and more about possibilties rather than facts; either for someone else or myself. Hence the ETLD Group. In English my trade is selling ideas and/or thinking power and some wannabe witty writing ;)."

The first image of this site is with courtesy of Frans Blok from Modified Mars.

Organic Evolutiontech submissive to flesh
Richard, thus ReConcept, finds himself best at ease - and working his best - from the following point of view: Organic Evolution -

  • Time is changing everything - and for mankind the last decades in a truely cumulative way. Dazzeling times ahead, seen from now. 
  • We've got to (learn to) integrate our mental & societal growth with non-human processes here on Earth
  • Less consuming is- in some way sadly enough - not really an issue, since the majority wants next year to be better. But smarter ways to produce & consume is something that is in reach of our genius minds.

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