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ReConcept is a one-man communication agency that is run by Richard Reekers, also initiator of the ETLD initiative. Reekers operates from The Netherlands.

Inspired by Clint Mansell's illustrious Lux Aeterna and encouraged by serveral fellow YouTube-homeproducers, Richard Reekers made a "movie" in 2007. A video to accompany his final coming out with "the ReConcept". See philosophy test version.

After Clint Mansell and in order of appearance, the credits go to --

Eagle Nebula - User Rights ReConcept/ETLD
"Is this vid, with this music, not to... heavy?". Picture Emily Reekers
The Cambrian [life forms] ExplosionBurgess Shale Found.
Tiktaalik Rosae - when fish got limbs - Nat. Science Found.
Undefined early mammal > 65 mil y/o - Scientific American
Lemure - Order of the half-apes. Picture unknown
Homo Erectus - mankind's most successful ancestor. More
Early homo sapiens - image: DAVID L. BRILL/BRILL ATLANTA.
Venus of Willendorf - Awareness arises
The Tower of Babel - first serious civilisations
Bathing Roman women. Painting by Lawrence Alma-Tadema
The Medieval times of Charl the Great (800 AD). Picture.
Renaissance kicks in; Da Vinci's ideas in front. Picture.
Darwin - a following paradigm shifter.
The mind boggling Einstein.
Growth, in everything, at a cumulative and dazzling pace. img.
Already serious steps into deep space... Pioneer's archive 
First (big) wars. Darius on the run.
Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry (1066 AD)
The Godsend conquistadores...
Modern war equals sophisticated war?
Iraq, the First - outerregional - Gulf War
Star Wars - down to Earth.
The horror yesterday...
... and today.
Extra ordinary facts bring salvation
ETLD concept illustrated/animated in 1st try-out, by ReConcept
Texts ReConcept, under creative commons share alike.
Apollo Program - public domain NASA site
Crowd, humans (at R.F.Kennedy)
Horizon at Sea, view after all. Picture unknown.
Translation Dutch texts in the end:

There is no Future,
If it isn't a 'good' one

Better the World, start with yourself
We rather do it with all of us

Awe is not for sale
It is to finance

Give me space!
[or in ETLD-context: Space is the Future!]

Space ["room"] for Knowledge!

"Good" sells better than "Evil"

Marketing is blijkbaar onze levenstijl [geworden],

Maar goed, als 't maar om de inhoud gaat.

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