Hydrogen Economy for Curaçao!  
Time frame bound arrogance was & is mankind's greatest obstacle towards real development..
NewDay.nl organized a survey towards the possibility of starting a hydrogen economy on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao.

At first we had to look at the technical and organizational implications, possibilities and chances. That first step was taken on the 21st of April 2005 at the Netherlands-Antilles governmental office in The Hague, Holland.
More than a dozen Dutch hydrogen and societal officials and opinion leaders overlooked the following basic idea and made their own complementary notes. This so called 'survey group' decided there are indeed chances on the Caribbean Island, but not immediately for a hydrogen economy upon this caribbean island.
We have decided to develop in cooperation with the locale electricity producer/provider Aqualectra an alternative, solar -, wind- and wave energy-concept.

Currently the activities are in a standstil. With serious follow-up it can flow again: content & contacts. Naturally not in infinity.

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The basic idea

Inhabitants of the outer areas of capital
Willemstad acquire against good conditions the usage of a solar cell and a small, high-tech wind turbine. These two integrated in a household energy generator reduce the family's electricity bills.  Also there is electricity production by a tidal field plant somewhere along the northeastern coast, and in the 'remote' northern rural areas we'll find one or two thermal solar power plants.

Too much produced energy is to be sold to the island's electricity grid. Regarding the quantity of these additions ánd the quality of the applied technologies, it is assumable that also the electricity rates of the urban island inhabitants will also decrease. 

Regarding this durable electricity surplus
I think it is worth more than a thought that this might be a fantastic chance for pro-hydrogen organizations* to show the world in practice the blessings of the fuel cell technology. The first fully self sustaining durable hydrogen economy in the world.

More than financial revenues

The costs of this concept are enormous. We are talking about the electricity needs of about 130 thousand people. On the other hand: this will be an experiment of immeasurable worldwide implications. All professional and also public eyes will be upon the project’s progress. Broad and various financing resources are within reach; from companies sponsoring materials up to encouragement subsidies by the United Nations. Besides that: the doubling of capacity in the hightech industries is still evident and relatively easy to realise. With a hydrogen electricity production of three times the island-needs, export comes in focus. And what to think of the selling of expertise of a project of this size and impacts...

Why Curaçao

Many basic conditions of its potential are there. Although poverty is something real on the Island,
Curaçao is not a developing country. The (international) infrastructure is fairly good and the island itself is situated in between the North and South American economies. Also it has got a strong link to Europe via The Netherlands and the harbour is one of the busiest in the Caribbean. English and Spanish are common spoken languages, the political situation is considered to be consequent and stable and the presence of international organisations and companies is evident. 

Curaçao 2015: The Caribbean Island not only known for its tourism, drugs and -  in lesser concern the Isla, the former Shell refinery, but especially as the place the Hydrogen Revolution started.

NewDay.nl | Richard Reekers

Amongst them we find Shell Hydrogen; the mother organization of this company refined Venezuelan crude oil from 1926 up to 1984. And not really in the margin of this concept: the plant closure led to the economic downfall Curaçao suffers from until today.

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