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Royal behavior asked ánd given
Let the market speak out

The company Extra-Terrestrial Life Development (1996) and the related future community live in a reality bigger than life. But we are real enough to acknowledge that the present has to be the basis of what is to come. Today: money and consuming are society's big boosters. Both organisations plea for using every life/behavior for expanding today’s reality. Here you’ll find three existing integrated in one. It starts with the Will, the chances and the markets of today. 

Worldwide our country is known as: God created the World, but the Dutch made Holland. This perspective combined with the unfolding Climate Change make The Netherlands a natural leader of all countries with parts below sea level. A - until now unseen - North/South-coalition with members like Bangladesh and states like Louisiana (US).

Central theme: what kind of measurements we have got to take to keep the river in and the sea out AND who is going to pay for that?

Fossil energy more expensive
A pure economic and already accepted principle is: “the polluter pays”. With the Kyoto Treaty a large international community accepts the present Climate Change and that it is at least partially related to human activity. Is it so deviant to say that the costs of preventing land from water have to be paid by conventional energy producers/users?

On the international stage there awaits a role for The Netherlands to appoint towards Global Chances for Global Warming and to start the discussion for higher prices of fossil fuels.

Royal Concentrated Solar Power for Curacao
An interesting side effect of this is the (relatively) lowering of renewable energy prices. A twenty year old economic reliable technique is Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). 

Mirrors concentrate sun light and heathen up oil. In the most optimal setting this oil boils sea water of which the steam empowers a turbine: electricity. The steam condensate into water: fresh water. Sunlight and seawater transform into electricity and freshwater.

Initially supporters wanted to show the CSP-benefits with example projects in countries around the Mediterranean – and Red Sea. Amongst them one of the guests of the marriage of the Dutch crown prince William-Alexander with princess Máxima in 2002: Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. Unfortunately the costs of building these plants and reorganizing the distributing grids were higher than the ever low prices of conventional energy production.

However, the differences in cost prices fade if one puts the CSP-configuration – i.e. electricity ánd freshwater – in an overseeable bordered area, with rich natural resources, and where already for the inhabitants the prices of electricity and freshwater are skyhigh.

“Our” Caribbean island, and nationstate to be in 2007, Curacao (50 km east from Aruba) has got relatively ánd absolutely the dearest consumer electricity in the world. Next to this, the climate on the Island bursts with potential: wave -, wind – and solar energy. A in 2005 concluded that many key players on Curacao are certainly not reluctant towards further investigation about CSP-plants for the island.

The transition towards a renewable electricity production on Curacao which also produces freshwater will put this island in a positive way on the world wide map for a change (“The first self sufficient renewable energy economy!”). Next to this imago and self awareness building, this provides more than in the present situation labour for its inhabitants: building and maintaining the several production plants.  (And later on: exporting knowledge.)

If Royal behaviour meet
The Palestinian Issue holds mankind for eons in its grip. Since hominids and modern men left Africa, the Middle East is a (violent) intersection between East and West. The problem is Religion. They say. The problem is in any case the distance between “the haves” and “the have nots”. One side has got money, the other don’t. One side has got freshwater, the others dust.

Backend by the Curacao experiences, and thus the interested international community, an international consortium led by Royal Dutch Shell, Royal Boskalis and Royal Ahold super markets, dredge a harbour for Gaza City and desalt seawater with Concentrated Solar Power. Proposed CEO: the slightly disgraced sister in law of the Dutch crown prince Ms Mabel Wisse Smit, but fore almost former trustee of the economic well doer/businessman Soros. Ambassadors of this initiative are members of Royal Dutch Family. Also in The Board the earlier mentioned Jordan prince and Dutch Royalty friend: El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. Jordan as we know maintains rather good relations with the Palestinians, not in the least for this country hosts the largest number of refugees since several conflicts starting with 1948 and on.

The new harbour, the SCP electricity and freshwater are partially owned by the consortium, partially by the Palestinians.

A great amount of the desalted water is distributed inland where it is used for irrigating lemon plantations. These are joint ventures of  Palestinian and Israelian companies. The latter are brought in for their Jaffa knowledge and irrigation experience.

The Gaza Fruits are to be distributed out of the harbour, into western supermarkets, Royal Ahold at first. The motto: “We want to be associated with these fruits of cooperation” [and what they don't say: “especially because we think our customers would appreciate this and buy more than that”]

The market speaks out
Extended Global Warming, Curacao, the Middle-East, freshwater shortages, energy: (thé) big problems “solved” in less than 800 words. Could it be this easy? Off course not, otherwise it would have been done long ago. One should think. Still, each part of this little integrated plan ends with... ‘the market’. The royal subject market, the consumer market, the constituents market, listen – and viewer ratings market. You my dear reader and I, we form these markets. It is about time that the market really speaks out.

Richard Reekers
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